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As well as new installs, Crossman Automation can provide a viable alternative to current systems or specifications.

Quality assurance testing is a number one priority at Crossman Automation. Our clients know that Crossman delivers high quality products and service.


Field trouble shooting and repair services.


Field Survey to establish client requirements.


Harmonic and power quality analysis.


LED Replacement Cost Savings Analysis

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The Service We Provide

As a customer, you should expect quality service. At Crossman Automation, we will deliver with the service you deserve. No question, no requirment, no problem is to difficult for Crossman to deal with. We will provide you with the solution you are looking for, or several others for your consideration.

Service Details


Like it or not, when a product ages and begins to depreciate in any industry, maintenance or trouble shooting will be required. Drive products sold by Crossman come with a guarantee your trouble shooting issues are met by a simple phone call to our technical support!

If your drive product requires repair, you can count on Crossman to have the repair services met. Our trained technicians will get to the root of the issue in a timely manner to ensure your application is up and running as soon as possible.


With Crossman solution finding, we can determine the products required by our clients. No application is too complex for Crossman. With our vast network of suppliers and manufacturers we can provide cost effective solutions which will meet our clients needs.


Using our power meter device, our trained technicians have the ability to measure the line side of supply, 600V or less on VFD power systems.

Once our harmonics and power quality analysis has been completed, we can make recommendations on several filtering options if required.


LED Lighting is the way of the future. The biggest turn off at first is the cost of the product. The cost savings over time however, is undeniable and more than makes up for the initial purchase of the bulbs.

Crossman Automation is pleased to offer on-site recommendations of the perfect LED replacement for your system. We can provide a detailed cost savings analysis over the life of a bulb or an entire systems install!

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